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Cord Cutting - Sever Ties & Release Attachments

Cord Cutting - Sever Ties & Release Attachments


This is a cord-cutting ritual, which is used to sever ties and release your attachment to a past relationship or person, place, or thing. You can cut ties with anyone who is or has been bound to you in some way. Sever connections with toxic people, negative energies, or anything that may affect your energy. You can also sever the toxic energy in your current connection that is causing you both to not really connect on the level you want it to be. The cord cutting will put a block between you and them and begin to remove them from your life.


Please allow 1-5 days for delivery. I will email you the video or send you a link to view the video to the cord cutting ritiual when I am finished with the ritiual.


Cord cutting can take a day up to a complete month to work. Just because it doesn’t work right away doesn’t mean it didn’t work. Cord cutting is not 100% guaranteed. However, if after a month there are no results, I will offer another ONE-TIME cord cutting for free. If there are still no results after that, It is most likely the Universe's way of saying you are not ready or that it is not simply meant to be at the moment. 


1. Names, birthdays, and signs of all parties involved.
2. Picture of all parties involved.
3. Reason you are wanting the cord cutting.
4. Any details that have to do with your current situation.

5. Email

6. Phone



  • 18 yrs. and Over
  • For Entertainment Purposes Only


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