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Match Reading

Match Reading


This is a past, present, future energy reading using matches for you, your point of interest, and/or another 3rd party. Many use this to see current energies and where the energies are likely headed in the future. This will be video recorded. All readings will get an email or link sent of the match reading after it is finished. All work including: intention, energy and meditation will be on my part. All work is confidential. Please allow 1-5 days for delivery.


1. Names, birthdays, and signs of all parties involved.
2. Picture of all parties involved.
3. Reason you are wanting the reading.
4. Any details that have to do with your current situation.



Please leave a review after your reading. If you need me to clarify please ask to do so before leaving a negative review. Please make sure to not leave out any revelant information that could alter the reading such as 3rd party, etc. All readings are based off of current energy and I am here to tell you what I see, not what you want to hear. I do not sugarcoat my readings so be prepared for the honest truth, if not then I am not the reader for you. 



- You are 18 yrs of age
- No reading is 100% accurate therefore there is no guarantee. The future is not set in stone because of free will and the choices we make. 
- I do not answer questions or do readings on health, pregnancy, legal, death or financial investments. Please seek assistance from a professional advisor in that field. 
- This is for entertainment purposes only.

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