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Spiritual Healing, Cleansing & Blockage Removal

Spiritual Healing, Cleansing & Blockage Removal


Do you worry or feel sad or angry? Is your energy low right now? Do you feel you have blockages that stop you from fullfilling your destiny? Are you holding on to negativity or are surrounded by negative energy from people, places, or things? Well if you do, it sounds like you need a spiritual cleansing and have blocks that you need to remove. 


You will get a reading to discover what areas you need to unblock and I will do candle work on my side while you have to do a few different things on your side to cleanse your energy. Once the ritual is done we will revisit and do another reading to make sure everything is cleared, removed and cleansed.


After this, you may feel instantly better or it may take up to a month or so for you to experience the energy shift. There may be a requirement to do another cleanse if energy is really heavy. So please be patient. But after the cleanse you should feel lighter, happier, more optimistic and positive. 


We will set up the dates for the cleanse and may take up to 5 days to complete. Spiritual healing is not 100% guaranteed due to many factors affecting the current energies. 





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  • Absolutely No Refunds
  • You are 18 yrs. Old
  • For Entertainment Purposes Only
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